Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Severne Kit

Severne has uploaded details of most of the 2013 equipment onto its site.  These guys continue to improve and innovate.  The race sails are only due for release in December but everything else seems to be there.  The (non-racing) sails which are of interest to us here in Langebaan are Blade, Gator, NCX, and Turbo.  Each of these sails looks stunning and I look forward to seeing them on the water.

The new Red Line rdm masts are also out and to my delight appear to be the lightest rdm's on the market.  I thought that North had cracked it with the Aero Platinum mast but Severne leads on weight.  Fantastic!  Severne seems really serious about becoming a one stop, quality shop for all sail and rig components.  Their carbon booms have been re-designed and now incorporate new ergonomic shapes and a cleaver "lock jaw front end".  They have also improved their excellent Grenade carbon wave extension.  All most impressive.

Talk to you soon    

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some Feedback and new Equipment

I will share with you some of the feedback I have had from readers because the decisions we wrestle with in this sport are quite universal.

Dani Bonamusa e-mailed me for advice about re-structuring his board and sail quiver.  He has a 122l X-Fire, a Manta 69 and a Freewave 95 with sails - 9.2m Turbo, 7.5m NCX, 6.7m Hellcat and a 5.2m wave sail.  In my opinion a great selection of sail and board sizes.  Dani wants to streamline and is considering going down to 2 boards - 1 slalom and a freeride.  His idea is that he sells his two existing slalom boards and replaces them with a Manta 71.  He would then buy an 8.6m race sail (to replace his 9.2, I assume).  This would leave him with the Manta 71, the Fanatic 95 and a nice spread of sails.  I have to say that if I were forced to pick only one slalom board it would definitely be the Manta 71.  It has the flotation to carry big sails but is also fantastically manageable over rough water in strong winds.  The 95 is also a great partner for this board.  I think that Dani's plan is absolutely correct.  What he has to recognize however, is that the 71 is not going to be able to sail in as light a wind as his current 122l RRD.  You can't have everything.

If Dani goes ahead with his plan, his equipment will cover a huge wind range.  Furthermore, if he finds that he is missing out too much in light winds, then he can buy a Manta 84 with a 10m (ish) sail to give a truly top notch quiver with the correct spacing between boards.  If I were Dani and I decided to go with the 2 board choice, I would try the 71 with the existing 9.2 Turbo before selling it.  The board may just hold the Turbo easily and he could save some money.

Both Tabou and Gaastra are getting their 2013 equipment loaded onto their respective sites.  The race stuff is still not loaded but the other equipment is there.  Tabou has quite a nice concept - the Product Lightbox which details on a simple diagram what conditions/sails their respective board shapes are designed for.  I note that the diagram has incorrectly placed the Manta and the Rocket on the wheel.  Not serious but it shows the importance of getting a windsurfer to proof read material before it is loaded onto the site.  You or I can pick this sort of mistake up in seconds.  A web design guy - not so fast.

North has put some new hardware on its site.  The new UNI.XT extensions look great I have to say (where are the carbon fiber ones guys?)  Their new Platinum Aero masts also look like something special.  Look at the weights of the RDM masts.  Excellent!  I am excited about these masts because I have found that North masts are compatible with most sail brands.  I have a current model 460 Platinum and it is a fine product but too heavy.  The new Aero puts this right.  Nice work North!

Our season is about to start.  Winter is releasing its grip and our summer wind patterns are beginning to return.  As soon as I have the chance to test any of the new equipment I will report back.  I have bought the Savage 7.8 and am looking forward to giving it a proper test.

Good winds





Length (cm)IMCSSail Range (2011)Weight (kg)Carbon (%)Carbon Fibre Quality
430215.0 - 6.91.4100T 800
460255.4 - 8.4 (9.5*)1.55100T 800
490288.0 - 9.01.75100T 800


Length (cm)IMCSSail Range (2011)Weight (kg)Carbon (%)Carbon Fibre Quality
370173.0 - 4.51.15100T 800
400193.7 - 5.7 (6.2*)1.25100T 800
430215.4 - 6.91.45100T 800