Monday, September 21, 2015

Gybing Post

Regular readers will know that I do something about gybing from time to time.  This is one of those gybing posts.

I have tried to simplify the slalom gybe by breaking it down into its constituent parts.  I have used a live gybe by one of the experts (Matteo Iachino I think).

Here he comes entering the move at full tilt
He retains pressure on the inside rail and begins to flare the sail (important)
Note how he keeps his eyes on where he wants to go.  He continues pulling the boom towards the outside of the turn .  He steps with knees bent.
His front foot is forward controlling and stabilizing the board.  The amount he has flared the sail is really apparent.  The board very briefly straightens out because his weight is over the centre line.  I have the feeling that he has stopped looking at where he wants to go.  Antoin never finds himself in this position
He flips, and resumes carving by forcing his heels down and looking into the direction he wants to go.  His speed allows him to continue through the gybe.  You can see the slight mistake in the wake.  
He lifts the front of the boom up, keeping the rig away from his body.  This is the point where he will suddenly break at the knees to very briefly remove his weight from the board.  This serves to keep the board planing and will also bring the nose down. 
The nose settles and his arms are straight ready to pump.  See ya!
 All the best 

Good winds

Monday, September 14, 2015

New iSonic and X-Fire Boards



Visuals of the new iSonics have been around for a while.  I have to say that I'm not that impressed with the graphics.  They look like something I might have come up with (not good!)

These pictures come from Jeffrey van Hoe's weblog.  Thanks Jeffrey.

The needle-like tails remain on the boards.  I understand that the size with the biggest changes has been the 124 which will be completely different from the 2015 shape.  The other sizes have changed but not much.

One thing of interest with these boards is the new light weight straps.  I use Kovalski light straps and have really got to like them over the years.  The problem with the Kovalskis is that they are not adjustable.

These Starboard straps have adjustment (OK you need a screw driver but it looks to be quick, easy and a nice simple system).


Here are some shots of the new X-Fire profiles.  Much the same as this year I think.  They certainly look polished and the new graphics are reasonable.

Talk to you soon
Good winds

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2016 North Warp


I found this 2016 North Warp presentation on dailymotion (from Wind Magazine).  Apologies to all the non-French speakers but I'm sure that the visuals are reasonably interesting.

As I keep saying, this foil just seems so simple and for me, that is part of the appeal.  Add to this the phenomenal results the team are achieving and you will appreciate what an elegant piece of design it is.  I also like the fact that the long batten does not protrude too far beyond the boom end.


Présentation North Sails Warp F2016 by Wind_Magazine

Enjoy and I will talk to you soon.

Our winds are almost ready to kick in for the new season.  Can't wait!