Friday, April 29, 2016

Some Holiday Options

I apologize for the long break but I have been involved with other stuff lately.
Here is a short note to share a link which I received from one Chio Espinosa who runs a surf travel website.  Chio asked me to mention the service they provide and I think that it may be worth a look.  The site contains dozens of water sport resorts which can be booked online.  The prices seem reasonable and the resorts (although mostly surfing spots), include a few nice windsurfing destinations:

I will try to get these guys to acquire more pure windsurfing destinations on their books in time.  If I can do this, it could become a really useful resource for the windsurfing community.

Our season is really over now and the rain and cold have arrived.  Not much local sailing to report on then, but I will keep an eye on the PWA racing from May and comment on notable stuff.
Looking ahead to our upcoming season, Karo is working on a program of activities for non-racing windsurfers over our racing week in January.  The racing will take place from 02-06 January 2017 and an impressive field of slalom racers is expected. If any of you plan to visit Cape Town or Langebaan in January, please consider being here over this period.  We will get some informal racing going for the recreational sailors and Karo is organising talks from some of the pro’s (rigging, fins, gybing etc).  It should be a really nice break for any windsurfer. 

Our annual downwind dash takes place after the racing (8/9 Jan) so you can enter if you feel strong.  These are all things to bear in mind if you are planning to visit this part of the world over that period.

Good winds