Tuesday, June 26, 2012

PWA Notes

Sorry for the break but I needed to get away from the blog for a while.  Winter is with us, the weather is cold, dark and wet so windsurfing is not uppermost on one’s mind.
The Catalunya stage of the PWA slalom circuit is over and Dunkerbeck powered through to the top of the podium.  The second spot went to Julien Quentel and third was Anton Albeau.  Six of the top ten racers were on Starboard iSsonics confirming just how potent these boards are.  Three of the top 5 sailors were on Severne Reflex sails reminding us once again of the high levels of performance which can be accessed from these technical sails by skilled riders.

Points of interest are as follows:
·         Well done Julien!  This is the best performance we have ever seen from this accomplished racer. 
·         Cyril has shaken off his dodgy start to the tour and made 5thposition.  It seems that he is getting to grips with his Reflex sails.
·         Taty Frans on Starboard and Maui Sails came in at 10th.  It is always interesting to watch a freestyle sailor competing in slalom.  My feeling is that most of these guys probably find slalom boring but their skill levels are so “off the chart” that when one of them joins the fleet, I watch with interest.  Once the area of race tactics has been mastered watch out!
·         The first Gaastra rider was Alberto in 12th place and the first Tabou guy was Arnon at 13th.  The Mantas are fantastic in rough water but when things smooth out they are probably slightly behind the Starboards and RRD’s.
·         Ross Williams, despite a really good showing at the last event came in at 20th

That is all for now.  I plan to explore the ideal board and sail combination for the advanced non-racing windsurfer in the next post.
Good winds  

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