Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Re-look at the Ultimate Quiver and Some PWA Gossip

Andy sent me an e-mail with his thoughts on the ultimate windsurfing quiver.  I include the message here:

Hi Phil

Current ULTIMATE quiver that I have been giving some thought to:

Formula Fin
Overdrive 9.5 or Phantom 9.2
Manta 85/135
53&49 S11
Overdrive 8.6 or Phantom 8.5
Manta 71/116
39,41&43 S10/11/12/Vmax?
Overdrive 7.8 or Phantom 7.8
& Savage 6.6 or 7.2
3S 66/116 or Rocket 66/115
36,38 SRX/ 37,39 S12 or combo
Cross 6.4 & 5.6
3S 61/96
30,32 SRX, 33S12 or Edge 31&33
Cross 5.6 & 4.8  

I would still like my 5.2 cross in there somehow, but struggle to justify it, even in the ultimate quiver.

A challenge would be getting enough "Special Sticks" for the Cross sails.

Since it is the ultimate quiver I would want lovely carbon booms, extensions and bases[Chinook springs to mind] also.

One Can dream

This is an interesting quiver.  If you wanted to restrict yourself to 3 boards I think Manta 85 and 71 with a 3S 96 would go a long way to covering all your needs.  The "special sticks" he refers to are the masts we have discovered which work so well with the Cross sails.

A quick bit of PWA gossip before I sign off.  I heard that Alberto Menegatti is leaving Gaastra for Point 7.  I have seen no confirmation of this anywhere on the Internet so please don't quote me but let's see if my intelligence sources are any good.

Talk to you soon  


  1. I find very interesting all your posts especially those regarding your impression in the material you try
    Im wandering if you never try np sails?as i consider np is one of the leading brands whith very good sails?

  2. I have myself np h2 8,2 mtrs whith rrd firemove 130
    Np h2 7,2 mtrs and gaastra cross 6,4 with rrd firemove 110
    Gaastra poison 5,8 and 5,0 whith rrd firemove 100
    And rrd fsw 84 to use whith poison 5,0 and 4,5 mtrs
    And im allways thinking in how to reduce sails and boards
    May i have you opinion? Regards juan