Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Select Fins


I mentioned in the last post that I had issues with some aspects of the new Select fin lineup.  The new slalom fin looks great and I have no doubt that it is going to perform.  The thing which bothered me is that fact that I understood from the pictures that they had excluded the SRX Freeslam.  This fin is proving to be one of the best we have available for real world conditions.  I looked at the picture of the new Edge and it looks slightly different from the SRX.  I queried this with Anthony who got straight on to Select.  They assure us that the new Edge is exactly the same as the old SRX Freeslam.  It has been painted black and the sizes are now in odd numbers.  I am much happier now and only slightly worried.  I need to hold a new Edge in the hand together with an SRX to be totally convinced however.

Talk to you soon

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  1. Hi All

    GREAT NEWS on the new Edge Fins. We [Phil, Tony, Joos, Ant and I] tried them[29,31&33] out today in very real word conditions [read: Windy & Fast with choppy and flat areas] and they are FANTASTIC. We were informed that they have a softer tip than the SRX range that they replace so we needed to feel the Edge fins under foot to be won over. Select have done some magic here and improved a fantastic range [SRX's] enough to have put smiles on all who have sailed them. I am sure Phil will inform us more completely about this discovery in the body of the Blog.

    What a great day of sailing and testing.
    Catch you on the water.