Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some New Kit

Gaastra has uploaded details of the 2014 Matrix, Cosmic, Savage, and Phantom.  Nice line-up!

Avanti have also posted some new sails.  Notably the new Machine-2 race sail.  This model sees some interesting developments including a new "modal trim system" which supplies three boom outhaul grommets which are in a horizontal line rather than the traditional over/under arrangement.  Other nice touches include no sock centre seam, horizontal load bands and new lighter plastics throughout.  More evidence of Dan's extraordinary understanding of  things sailish.

All this results in a race sail which looks like something I would like to try (breaking my no-race-sail-ever again vow).  Although I do recall saying that I would like to give the Maui Sails TRX a spin.  OK so excluding these two models, I will never ride another race sail!

Here are some pics of the new Machine-2:
This shows the three grommets and also a new simple way of connecting the edges of the outside boom cut-out.  The guys recon that the inside grommet yields a soft sail while the outside one gives power.  What concerns me slightly is how the adjustable outhaul system is going to operate within this structure (if my outhaul is tied through the centre grommet, how do I let line off without the boom end snagging the nifty holding thread?).

Look at this beautiful shape under tension.  Very, very nice!

 This slightly blurry shot shows the grommets all in a row on the sail.

The Machine-2 is one light sail.  The 7.7m weighs 5.1kg.  Compare this to 6.1kg for a 2013 Gaastra Phantom 7.8m.

Nice work Avanti - please send a 7.7m Mach-2 for review.

Other news is that Point-7 and Challenger Sails are terminating their technology/design partnership.  I'm not sure who is going to fill the sail design gap at Point-7 but will keep you posted if I hear anything.  Challenger say that they want to spend their energies on groundbreaking developments such as the new soft sails.  We wait with interest.

Finally there is a new race sail from France - the Teiva race sail.  Look it up.  It seems like early days but some of the clips on YouTube show some impressive speeds with recent proto's.  The guy (despite looking like a 16 year old) seems to really know what he is doing.  I have a good feeling about this.

Talk to you soon


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