Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Equipment - 2


In no particular order, here are some interesting new bits of equipment.

Simmer's new SCR race sail has broken cover.  Never underestimate Simmer stuff - it is unique and excellent:

The new SCR in trademark green

Severne has had the new Reflex up for a while.  Once again an awesome looking machine and incorporating some fairly substantial upgrades this year (9 battens for instance)

The new Reflex

Gaastra has the new Vapor up.  This has to be one of the most striking race sails around right now.
2014 Vapor

The Tabou Mantas are now on the site.  From what I gather, no substantial shape changes accompany the new yellow livery, but knowing Fabien's work, each change no matter how small, will result in performance improvements.
The 71/116 looks much the same but has had volume taken from the nose and added under the feet to give better float, faster starts and nippier gybe exits. Nice!

2014 Manta 66/106

Speaking of Tabou boards, local Andy took a Thunder 130l for a spin a while ago.  My feeling about this board was always that it is a bit too "intermediate" for us.  I didn't like the short length and I was not too keen on the power box fin.  I have had to re-think my position however, because Andy blitzed on this board. He popped onto the plane easily and was able to give Harry (on his Manta) a run.  Bear in mind that this was a rental board which had the issue G10 fin under it.  I am wondering what this shape could do in the light construction with a carbon fin.  
Light Thunder (yellow paint)

If the Thunder type board is going to be accepted as a high performance alternative to pure slalom shapes, my preference would be for Tuttle fin boxes.  I wouldn't want to be powering along on the 130l model with a 46cm fin being held by a power box.

Fabien - here is another suggestion which I am sure, like my other suggestions,  you will also ignore:
Please put Tuttle boxes in light versions of the Thunder.

Lorch has brought out two boards of this type.  They name them "Mirage" and both sizes have Tuttle boxes.  Nice work guys - if we are going to get serious about this concept, we need serious fittings.

Lorch Mirage

Select has introduced the new VMax slalom fin as discussed in an earlier post.  Andy has ridden one and says that his downwind speed was astounding - lightning fast and supremely comfortable.  Locals who have ridden these fins think that they may not be quite as good upwind as the VMax 1 but Select tell us that this is simply not true.  I will get a ride on one and give you my own feedback.

Two other new fins from Select which could be of interest to us are the Power Edge and the FX Free Carve. Have a look at them on the site if you have not already done so.

That is all for now.

All the best to you and yours for the festive season.  Have a blast and be safe.

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