Monday, February 3, 2014

2015 Vandal Mission


As promised in the last post, here are two shots of the new 2015 Vandal Mission.  Vandal's range has never included a cammed sail so this 2 cam model will be the first one.  I like the way it sets and the way it performed on the water.  Not a race sail by any standards but a light, comfortable, fast sail for general blasting.  This proto is 7.8m in size and the guys had it on a 2014 Rocket 115.  

Regular readers will know that I am a fan of sails which have a central, tri-angular power zone with separate outer leech section made of thinner material.  Vandal have done this on their 2015 sails.  The latest Maui Sails TR-X race sail is also configured like this (see below).  In my opinion Maui Sails have made better use of the concept but it is nice (for me anyway) to see Vandal moving in this direction. 

Mission on the grass

Mission on the water

Maui Sails TR-X

Speaking of new sails, we have had reports (from several very credible sources) that the new Severn Reflex 5 is one fantastic sail.

2014 Reflex 5

I am always inclined to be anti more battens and more complexity but apparently this new sail is better in every way than all previous models - lighter in the hands, more stable, easier to rig correctly etc.  All in all one serious piece of equipment.  Looking at the Maui sail above, there must be benefits to a 9 batten layout.  The guys at Severne and at Maui Sails know a thing or two about building fast machines.

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