Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Some 2015 Equipment Previews

Just a quick post with some new stuff from GA and Tabou.

 The new Phantom looks cool.  Sizes are the same as for 2014

 Here is a bigger picture of the new Manta.  Tabou hide the cut-outs in these photos as you are probably aware.  We will need to get one in the flesh to inspect the underside.

 The new Speedster.  I would like to try this board in 118/75cm (LTD of course).  This could be the sweet size for the heavier sailor who likes to push the envelope.

The Rocket adopting the new dress code.  Not too bad on the eye I suppose.

OK that is all for now.  I note that Fanatic have posted the new Falcons on the site.  The video is quite interesting where Pierre and Matteo comment on things like mast foot and strap positions.
Nice boards - I would like to give the 120/74cm a go.

Talk to you soon

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