Monday, October 20, 2014

Luderitz, New GA Site, 2015 X-Fires.



The wind in Luderitz seems to have been playing along and some good PB's have been achieved. Hennie, one of our local sailors, went along and I note that he has made some good times (48.77k although the speed site shows 48.62k).

Patrik Diethelm's performance has been phenomenal.  He did 51.46k -  right up with Antoine's record. This is notable because he is the designer of the board he rides!  Respect!
Both Hennie and Patrik are on Gasoil speed fins.  The two leading Dutch speed guys (Hans Kreisel and Jacques van der Hout) are both riding ZFins.


The new GA Sails website is up for those of you who may not have seen it: 

What is evident is that the guys have really focused on creating a well ordered sail range this year. The Crosses now have been pushed properly into the freestyle area - every size now has 5 battens. The Gaastra fans here have always used Crosses for serious high wind blasting but this will change now.  The sail of choice for these conditions will be the Matrix.
2015 GA Matrix

The Severne sailors will choose Gators for these conditions I suppose.

2015 Severne Gator
The latest Gators are looking fantastic I have to say - light strong and fast!

I have been giving quite a bit of thought recently to high performance, 2 camber sails.  My current favorite (between GA and Severne particularly,) is the Severne Turbo but for an easy but still fast alternative, I would not exclude GA's 2015 Cosmic.  This sail never interested me in the past (too "intermediate") but it may just have come of age this season.  I hope to get a ride on one and if I do, will report back.
New Cosmic

The new blue GA masts are also up.  As mentioned in a previous post these are now more constant curve than stiff top.  Nice move I think!


The new X_Fires are now on the RRD site and as usual, look stunning.  The shaper, Aurelio Verdi together with Arnon and Antoine have to be one of the best design teams on the planet for slalom shapes.  Note the fatness in the footstrap area.  


Speaking of slalom shapes, Tabou have amended their Manta spec page.  Mistakes still exist however - they show all sizes with short Tuttle boxes.  Surely the 81 and 85 have deep boxes?  Come on guys - these details are important to us.

My feeling is that all manufacturers should follow Starboard's example and give a correct, comprehensive spec sheet for every board on offer.  Include fin size ranges! It is not that difficult.

Talk to you soon 

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