Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Select fins, Lighter Point-7 Sails and some Observations from our Beach

Select have leaked some details of the new 2015 range.  The VMax-3 is out, looking very similar to the VMax-2.  They have replaced the S1 Eliptical with quite an interesting blade called the S1 HiWind.  This is a G10, pointed fin which could be the ticket for speed-merchants on hectic, bumpy days.

What they are also bringing out, is a new slalom design called the Rhino.  This fin will slot in above the VMax and promises to be quite special.  Sizes will be 29 - 45 for the Rhino Slam and 47 - 53 for the Rhino Lightwind.

I am really looking forward to getting a look at the Rhinos.  I'm expecting great things and hope that the price will not be prohibitive.

Point 7 is finally doing something about the excessive weight of their cambered sails.  I gather that some of the sizes are to be cropped by up to 1kg in the 2015 range.  Nice work guys.  Not enough of a reduction but a good start.

Another new and interesting sail seen at the center, is RRD's Evolution.  The sail on the grass was the 6.4 and the guys had it rigged on their Vogue RDM mast.  It looks like a really good blasting machine. It is light to lift, feels springy and balanced and sets beautifully.  Something to consider if you are looking for a high performance, camless sail from around 5.5 to 6.5m.  Nicely built, small batten overhang at the back, strong reinforcements etc.

I am taking a break from sailing today - we have sailed a lot lately, the body is crying and the wind is near gale force.  The forecast for tomorrow looks much better with lighter wind.  I want to try the new Manta 81 and if I do, will report back.

Good winds  

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