Monday, July 13, 2015

New Equipment

Sorry for the long break but I have been concentrating on my commercial website for the past few weeks.
The two pieces of new equipment to bring to your attention are the iFoil and Severne's new line of boards. What??

The iFoil is a windsurf board whose foils ride on top of the water.  They have been designed to provide tremendous lift while submerged for rapid planing but as soon as the foils break the surface the lift falls off and directional stability takes over.

The designer is an aeronautical man who totally understands all of these things and I have to say, has come up with a striking concept, elegantly resolved.

iFoil at speed

The underside of the beast

Night sailing
Please go to Boards Magazine for a full review of this machine with detailed explanations.

The new Severne boards are about to break cover.  So far I have only seen wave and hybrid models. Hopefully we are going to be getting a nice slalom line as well. Please, please, please!

You will find some scraps of info on

This is not the best visual but there is next to nothing online at this time.

Good winds
Talk to you soon

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