Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Random Thoughts and some new Equipment

Sorry for the long break but I have been involved with non-windsurfing stuff for a while
Anyway on the new equipment front, the new Fanatic Falcons and all of North’s sails bar the 2016 Warp are on the respective sites.  These guys are really getting their act together – evidenced by the fantastic PWA results.  As mentioned previously I like the simplicity of the North sails.  The Warp is light with only 7 battens and is currently dominating the best slalom racers on the planet. Impressive.  Looking at the videos I note that the new SL Slalom hangs with the race foils quite nicely at speed.

GA and Tabou are also doing better than they have done before.  Ross Ben and Cedric are currently at 4th, 5th, and 6th respectively in the rankings.  A great showing.

I still think about Challenger’s soft wing sails from time to time.  I note that they have both a camless freeride model and a cammed race model for 2016.  I would so like to try one or two of these sails.  If you’re out there Challenger – please send me one or two soft wing sails to test!

The Fluido Soft Wing

Their GT2 - Nice!

Talk to you soon


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