Monday, November 9, 2015

A Drone Just for Us!

Joos told me about a really neat drone which could be exactly what most of us have been waiting for.

The name of this thing is Lily and the developer has designed the software with adventure sports in mind.  Of significance to us is the fact that it floats, is water-proof and takes off from the water – no problem.


Water no Prob

The Waterproof Controller

The controller is worn by the rider so you are never in a situation where the craft loses contact with its base station. The rider is the base station. 

The drone can be set to follow or to hover, keeping you in frame or to capture certain moves in slow motion.  Very clever.

Please have a look at this footage if you have not done so already.  $499 for early orders – Bargain!

Here is another vid about Lily with a robot describing all aspects of the device.

Good winds

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