Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Three Developments I am Following


Here are three developments in our sport which I am following with interest, quite impatient to see how they pan out.

The first development is the Heru/Challenger soft sail.  This came out a while ago but outside of Challenger’s site I don’t find info or reviews.  I am always interested by equipment claimed by the developer to be both easier and faster on the water.  The developers of these sails claim exactly that.

The second development is Mistral’s new VRTS boards which I did a recent post about.  As I said in the post, let’s hear from someone outside of Mistral about how these boards perform.

The third thing is Patrik’s new hollow board line.  Steve Allen won the Australian Formula competition on Patrik’s hollow Formula v4 board.  Please find visuals online.  It looks sweet and is apparently a lot lighter than current formula boards. Nice!
The Internet has a few pictures of the hollow slalom boards – just look for the large drainage plug at the back.   Come on Patrik, put them on your site!

What I would like to do in the next post is to explore a solution for an easy-to-sail, light wind board which is super fast.  I have an old Zajicek designed board which is 90cm wide, super easy and flies with a 7.8m camless sail or a 10m race sail.  You only need to swap the fin (49cm, 65cm).  This board is such fun and so incredibly capable that I wondered if we have a modern equivalent on the market.  I want to discuss some of the candidates and hopefully come up with a dream lightwind board. 

Good winds 

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