Friday, June 10, 2016

New Equipment


Two pieces of new equipment caught my eye this week.  The first of these is GA's 2017 Vapor race sail and the second is Patrik's hollow formula board.  The formula board has been around for a while but he has put it on his site at last.

GA Vapor 2017

The 2017 GA Vapor sails have made an appearance at various GA distributor events.  Here are pictures from the facebook page of  Bartek Grzesiek.


What an involved piece of design!  I’m not sure how it works but I applaud the attempt to get rid of the overhanging batten above the boom end.  Incidentally, most of my sails have an overhanging batten and I have to say that they all perform well.  The overhang just irritates me.

GA’s efforts with the new Vapor, almost solve my problem but I have to wonder if Avanti’s simple approach is not the way to go:

 Without the opportunity to try both sails I have to side with Avanti on this.  Simple often turns out to be better.

Patrik Formula4 Airinside

Patrik has his new hollow formula board on the site now – a sublime piece of design and proof that when something looks right, it often is.
Steve Allen won the Australian Formula Windsurfing Nationals on this board winning every single heat on his way to the final.  No mean feat.


You can see why I chose this board as one of the inspirations for my new super board concept.  Just narrow it to 85-90ish cm and stretch the length to around 240 cm to create something really special for the non-racing blaster who wants to smoke in lighter winds.

Good sailing  

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