Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The New 2017 Severne Fox - Specifications


I have found some specifications for the new Severne Fox board.  Severne is extremely secretive about its new products and will only post details on its site when it is absolutely ready to do so.  I’m sure that you all know this.  I searched high and low for anything about the machine but could only find the bare minimum.  

Anyhow, the seriousness of the situation caused me to mobilize some secret abilities I possess to help us.  I speak of three powers which I unleash in times of extreme anguish - namely:
  •          Ninja skills
  •          Jedi powers
  •          General sneakiness

I hasten to re-assure you that these powers are only ever used in times of great crisis and only where they will improve the lives of others

Anyway, by deploying my three gifts, I managed to unearth this material from a tiny, unguarded corner of the Internet.

I’m sure that it will all be posted on the Severne site soon but it is fun to present you guys with an early view.  



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