Sunday, December 25, 2016

Seasons Greetings and two Race Sails from Severne


I had planned to respond to Joe Windsurfer’s comments regarding the exorbitant costs of some of the emerging technologies within our sport.  I will do this in the next post however.

I use this post to wish all readers well for the festive season.  Good winds and everything of the best for 2017.

I note that Severne have the new Reflex and Overdrive sails on the site now.


I don’t seem much difference visually.  I suspect that they have just refined and perfected something that was pretty near perfect to start with.
I do note with relief that the length of the overhanging batten above the boom end has reduced slightly.  We are moving in the right direction!  In a few more years it may just disappear completely!


On the Overdrive they have done away with 2016’s complicated shaping at the boom end, opting for simplicity in 2017.  Much better (imo).

With its option of being used on RDM masts, this sail has to be on your short list if you are looking for an easy race sail with blistering performance.
Other sails I would include on that list incidentally, would be the Avanti Condor, North S-Type, Ezzy Lion, Ka Koncept and maybe the NX from Sailworks.

OK that’s all for now.  Our wind looks good from about 14:00 today so Xmas lunch just became Xmas dinner.  Sailing comes first!

All the very best


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  1. Well, thanks for listening to my previous post and understanding !! Wish all the BEST for the new year and holidays. Here are in winter - well kinda with freezing rain - and i hope to sail on ice n snow with homemade devices = poor man's fun :-) and non, I am not poor - others much less fortunate ...