Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dunkerbeck Speed Session


Here are some details of one of Bjorn’s recent speed runs.  A fantastic performance on the water recorded and displayed so nicely on his GPS watch.  I don’t know this brand but it looks like a really awesome piece of kit.  If the big guy uses one, it has to be special I suppose.

I also notice that one of the pieces of equipment used on these runs, was a Zulu 30cm fin.  This is not surprising to those of us who have spent so many happy hours blasting on Zulus.  Robbie has really nailed it with these blades.
Here is Bjorn’s post:

Speaking of Robbie and his Zulu fins, I notice that he has built a foiled fin (this appears to be half way between a full windsurf foil and a normal race fin).  The example shown here is a prototype so we don’t know how it will perform.

I have not the faintest clue about how this thing will work.  I suppose that it will enable the board to plane much earlier but it’s characteristics at speed will be really interesting to see.

I’ve not seen Robbie for a while so cannot comment about how the "fin/foil" behaved.  It is winter now, and hardly anyone windsurfs until around September/November.  One loses touch with the windsurfing community in winter. 
I will follow up with Robbie about the foil when I have a chance, and give feedback on this blog. 

I know others have tried similar fin/foil designs in the past and I’m sure that Robbie will test/adapt and re-fabricate.  We will have to wait and see what the master comes up with when the process has run its course. 

In the next post I want to say some more about foiling and some of the developments being done by different companies.  
Some good things are coming down the line but are not yet being standardized.  There are also some developments which seem questionable to me.
I want to discuss some of this stuff and also explore the options available to get into foiling (use an existing board, buy a dedicated foiling board, buy a big slalom board with re-enforced fin box etc).  Please watch out for that post and let’s have a conversation.

Before I end, I want to share a message received from Emily Philbrick who runs a non profit organization called Beyond Boardshorts.  They help underprivileged youth who have talent but no funding, to participate in watersports.  Emily’s message, copied below, speaks for itself.  If you are inclined, please give them a look and consider donating.  This is a good cause I’m sure you will agree.

From: Beyond Boardshorts []
Sent: Monday, June 05, 2017 06:48 PM
Subject: Hey Phil!
Hey Phil, 
My name is Emily Philbrick and I am working on promoting our non profit organization called Beyond Boardshorts .  

I work with professional windsurfers Tyson Poor, Wyatt Miller and Bryan Metcalf Perez.
We are seeking to inspire and empower future generations through athleticism on the water with water sports, especially windsurfing!

Our mission is to bring our passion for water sports to the world’s youth by providing inspiration, training and equipment to those who would not otherwise be able to participate in water sports.

As of July 2016, we became a 501 (C)(3) tax deductible organization and have been continuing our journey to fulfill our mission and spread the stoke to those around the globe!
What we have done thus far:
  • Sponsored 9 Moroccan youth to compete in the prestigious International Windsurfing Tour. 
  • Donated the value of $5,000 USD to kids in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Columbia, Mexico and now closer to home for us; the San Fransisco Bay area.  
  • Purchased a small boat (with trailer) for a La Paz, Mexico windsurfing club to assist with their FREE instruction to local youth.
  • In the Bay we will be sponsoring a windsurfing coach to support local kids through inspiration, training and providing equipment.  
****We choose youth that are well deserving and who would not otherwise be able to participate****  

We are writing you in hopes that you will help us with this movement by spreading the word about what we are doing with those in the windsurf community.  

Additionally, we hope that you would help us to promote our windsurf fundraiser event in Berkeley California.  Our fundraiser Boardfest is June 10th and will be hosted at HS Lordships restaurant.  
The link for the event is below: 

We really enjoy your blog and thought it would be a nice addition to get a shout out from you if you're available and willing.

People can follow us through our journeys with our constant updates on social media as well as by signing up for our newsletters (via our website).

Please contact me with any questions or comments you would like to share!  Also, if there is anything that we can do to assist you, please don't hesitate!

Thank you for your support Phil!
Have a wonderful day!

Talk to you soon



  1. I am totally sold on the idae of a fin foil, both in terms of widening the wind range of my existing board as well as being an introduction of sorts to foiling.

    I just wonder if this fin foil will be available in regular tuttle.

  2. Hi Mert
    I share your excitement. We need to bear in mind that this is still a prototype right now. Robbie needs time to work his magic, tune/re-test etc.
    As soon as he has a working design, I'm sure he will start manufacturing to sell. When this happens, you will see it on the Zulu website, available for sale. When you place your order you will simply select box type, fin size etc (I'm guessing).
    In the meantime we wait.

    All the best

  3. Hey Phil, I just started foiling. You can check out my setup at: and then follow through each of the days progression. Today I got some kilometre long foil runs.

  4. Hi CdnGuy
    Nice to hear that you are embarking on this new path. I am going to have a look at your site and will give the link in my next post.
    We are freezing here at the moment. No sailing of any sort!

    All the best

  5. Hi Phil, here you can find more information about the watch (PDF).

    1. Thanks MS. I will have a look.

  6. I'd love to be a guinea pig for one of Robie's foiled fins on my formulae board but he isn't answering emails, will try when I get back to Langebaan. Gareth

    1. Hi Gareth
      Robbie is attending the IFCA racing in Mauritius so I'm not surprised that he is not answering.
      Robbie, Karo and Jaco Wolmerans are representing us. They should all be back by the weekend

  7. Phil,

    It seems that, finfoils may actually work.

    I came across a couple of videos which demonstrate this (in youtube):

    The source of this is a and is available for sale. The finfoil uses either a power box or standard tuttle and based on the demo videos (specifically the use of an older board) no reinforced finboxes are necessary.

    I also came across a similar item manufactured by virusfins in Poland. They go with standard tuttle on finfoils below 38cm and deep tuttle for anything above. And again, it seems no finbox reinforcements are necessary.

    Would love to get my hands on one of least until the cost of foils decreases to something a bit more 'palatable' :)

    1. Hi Mert
      Thanks for this - very very interesting. I will have a look at the links you have provided and maybe do a post on the "foil light"

  8. Interestingly, I bought my frpgear fly-fin for $150 with free shipping in October. Now they sale it for over $300.