Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Best High Wind Sail and Commentary on some Recent PWA Action

Two quick topics:
  •         A new high wind sail for me
  •         Commentary on some recent PWA racing. 

High Wind Sail

I am seeking to replace my small, high wind sail.  In these conditions, our sea is wild with survival being more important than speed.  You need a forgiving board, a really good rough water fin and a sail which can be controlled and easily de-powered (hence the need for something waveish). 

I am looking for a 4.7-4.8m freewave model.  
The sail being replaced is a Tushingham Storm 5.0m.  Because this sail came with the Tush 400, 100% RDM mast, I really need to be looking for something from a maker whose sails set on soft masts (Pryde, Ezzy, RRD etc).  

The soft mast restricts my choice but I am not willing to spend a whole lot more on a new mast/sail combo if I can get away with buying only the sail.
I suppose the ultimate buy for me (if I had an appropriate mast) would be Severne’s Blade Pro 4.7m.  The lack of suitable mast as well as the stratospheric price of this sail rules it out for me I’m afraid.

The second unreachable sail on my list (if I had the mast), would be North’s new Super Session 4.8m.  This is much heavier than the Severne but looks like one hell of a product for wild conditions (we need to watch the reviews)

The third dream sail is Avanti’s Viper 4.7.  If I had a new Severne red RDM 400 mast then I would be in a position to consider this against the Blade.

Sails which are available in Cape Town and which will work on my mast, are Pryde’s Fusion, RRD’s Move MK6 and Ezzy’s Legacy.  

The Fusion comes in 5.0m which is slightly too big. 

I am therefore left with the Move 4.7m and the Legacy 4.7m, either of which would be perfect for me.  I just need to look at factors such as price, availability, good second hand offerings etc.

The Ezzy may look a bit wimpy in this company but don't be fooled.  Ezzy sails are special.

Recent PWA Action

Please have a look on the PWA site for the 2017 Fuerteventura slalom racing videos.  The prominent thing for me in all the races shown, is the quality of the gybing.  This meeting has probably the best levels of gybing from everyone I have ever seen on the circuit.  Very impressive!

What I wanted to comment about is the crash caused by Taty Frans when he lost control and tail walked right into Pierre Mortefon on day 9.  Here is the video.  The crash occurs at 45 seconds.

 Antoine, Julien and Pierre are all gunning for the mark and    suddenly Taty screams in from behind. He loses control,  the  board takes off and he flattens Pierre, all in a fraction of a  second. 

 I can only think that Taty's fin was overwhelmed by the  conditions. Taty’s speed is incredible showing how fast the  iSonics are but if your blade can’t keep up, things can end  very poorly, very quickly. 

Taty was badly hurt (on Pierre's fin I believe) and Pierre was taken to hospital but released with no major injuries .  

Both Julien and Antoine continued to first and second, showing  their class and the quality of their equipment in the 40 knot  conditions.  

I once heard Juju described as a sailor who can enter a gybe in 7th position and exit in 3rd.  We see him doing exactly this to Antoine in the final gybe of this race.

Good winds


  1. You can look also ConstantCurve Sails, at least my TushRDM works very nicely with Loft and Gun Sails.

    1. Thanks for this Unk.
      I forgot for a moment that Loft sails are also available in Cape Town. I will have a look at their range.

  2. Taty pearced his leg on Mortefons fin.

  3. Thanks Trader. Please see my reply to Brian above. I am changing my wording.

    1. Great blog Phil! I look forward to each new post and enjoy reading it.

  4. Tush masts also work on Hot Sails Maui

  5. Thanks Philip
    I am a fan of HSM sails but they are very expensive for us here.

  6. Phil, why not go for the regular Severne Blade?

    Also, I have never tried, but have heard good things about Ezzy sails, especially in terms of durability.

  7. Hi Mert
    The reason I am unwilling to go for a regular Blade is that I do not have a hard enough mast in 400. I want to use my Tushingham mast because it is too good to just lie in its bag.
    Given this restriction I am forced to limit my search to soft/cc sails. No problem - the sails on my short list are excellent.