Sunday, December 31, 2017

Two new Race Sails and a Foil Test Site


Here are some thoughts about two new race sails and the link to a site containing some useful back-to-back foil reviews.

Race Sails

The first race sail is Severne’s new Mach1. I mentioned it some time ago but it is now on their site. It looks fantastic – they have dropped the fiddly outer batten tensioners and generally tidied the sail up. Very nice. As I said previously – drop one batten and you are there Severne! 

I have to say that the new Overdrive looks pretty special as well.  It is light, has 7 battens and rigs on an RDM.  Full house as far as I'm concerned.

The other new race sail is from Pryde. I usually have little interest in Pryde sails but this one looks like something special. They have dropped one batten in all sizes up to 9.4m and made the sail really light. They normally do not give weights for their sails but they are obviously proud of this one and give us weights. Sure enough, the weight is right down there with North, Avanti and Severne.

In addition to dropping a batten, Robert also changed the angle of all the battens to align them with the airflow when sailing. This is a sound idea I suppose, but not a new one. Gaastra did the same thing in the 90’s and made a big song and dance about it.

I have a good feeling about this sail. We will need to watch it in the 2018 racing clips. It is going to be really interesting.

Well done guys – a very elegant, beautifully coloured product with the correct number of battens. Awesome!

Foil Reviews

I think that I promised this link a while ago but did not get down to doing it. Foiling is new so we don’t have much access to comparative tests. Rather, we have to read the manufacturer’s claims or watch a stand-alone test of one foil.

The guys on this site test a range of foils so we can get an idea about the performance of Select’s Profoil compared to the Pryde F4 for instance or how the different Loke wings perform etc.

Here is the link:

The site is in French so you will need to deploy your browser’s translator if you do not speak it.

Compliments of the season to all of you. Good winds and happy sailing.

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