Friday, June 22, 2018

Some Improvements to PWA Commentary and a new Board from JP


Here is a quick note regarding the PWA video coverage and a very interesting new board from JP.


The video racing coverage has vastly improved thanks to Ben Proffitt’s commentary and the drones which they now deploy to catch the action.  

Ben is such a good person to have commentating because he is a serious windsurfer himself, he knows racing and he knows every contender.  These things enable him to include unique insights into his commentary.

If you have not done so, please have a look at the videos on the PWA site.  The racing in Viana Portugal was epic.  Nice one Portugal – a fantastic venue with awesome conditions.

New Board

JP has sneaked a new board onto its on-site equipment list.  This is the new Super Ride, a board nowhere to be found on their current catalogue but as I say, on the site.  

I assume that they are giving us a peek at the board but will only release it for 2019.

Anyway the board is slightly more performance orientated than the Magic Ride but not as manic as the Super Sport.


Here is why I predict that this will be an awesome machine:
·         It is a good length
·         It  has no cut-outs
·         It has a diamond tail
·         It’s footstraps are beautifully positioned for a balanced, fast, comfortable ride
·         The proprietary fin looks like a serious blade
·         It has a Tuttle box so you can deploy your very best fins for extra speed

I may be wrong about the potential of this board but I don’t think so.  The elements tick so many boxes for me.

Anyway, we will see when the tests and reviews start coming in.  If any of you happen to get a ride on a Super Ride please let us know your impressions.

Good winds


  1. Magic Ride, All Ride, Super Sports and now this? I'm thinking...too much variety? Or will they phase out one in the range of freeride offerings?

  2. Hi Mert
    I think they are going to drop 2 of the current line-up. We will see