Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Board Length

We have had fantastic wind for the bigger sails recently and over the weekend I was able to hold off most of the guys with my Ram 7.8/Falcon104/Select37.  Yesterday the wind was slightly less so I screwed in a Select RS7-41 and was able to hang with Pit on his Isonic 111/Pryde Race 8.6.  I also took the 8.6 for a spin on my Falcon and have to say it is one fine sail.  Rotation is effortless, the sail is fast and handles gusts with absolute ease.  I was surprised at how well the Falcon carried such a big sail.

We were discussing board lengths over the weekend.  The move to shorter lengths in the bigger board sizes has been of some concern to a few of us.  The theory is that a bigger board uses its width to get planing and so doesn't need the length.  My feeling is that a bit of length gives stability, helps with early planing and is easier to pump.  I also feel that a slightly longer board is better at planing through the chop in the gybe.
In 2009 the Isonic 133 was 223cm in length.  I remember thinking that this was far too short.  What do we find in 2011? - The 2011 Isonic 137 is now 231cm long. Much better!  My feeling is that 235 to 240 is where the length should be - even for wider boards.
If I were in the market for a 130ish slalom board and was considering a few options, I would favor the longer lighter option every time.          

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