Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PWA Tour

The PWA tour has kicked off in Vietnam and the slalom racing starts this week.  Earlier I commented about Simmer not being ready with their race sail but I note that it is now on their site.  It looks like a nice piece of kit as well.  Have a look at the vid of Kurosh testing it - very cool.  I see that they have done away with the clew cut out for the boom and have also not done the long batten above the boom.  Thumbs up from me on both counts!  Watch Benoit and Sylvain to see how the sails perform.  

I note that 4 competitors are now using Ka sails.  Last year it was only Jesper Orth.  It will be interesting to see how the light, simple sails do against the heavyweights.
Another interesting development is the entry of Taty Frans into the slalom fleet.  You will know this guy as one of the really hot freestylers so I'm looking forward to watching how he does at slalom.  The awesome freestyle skills will surely stand him in good stead but he may fall down on race tactics.  Watch this space!

Looking at the equipment to be used on the tour I noticed that Chris Pressler is using Pfaffi fins.  This is a small manufacturer producing quite quirky designs.  Their site is nothing special but one get a sense of enthusiasm, drive and inventiveness from the guys which, as I've said before is so good for our sport.    


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