Thursday, February 3, 2011


Before I discuss booms just a quick note about our recent sailing.  Tuesday gave us the best conditions we've had so far this year.  I was fully powered on a 6.0 Remedy/80l Freeride board with 27cm slalom fin.  The wind and tide were in the same direction so the shape of the chop was forgiving and high speeds were the order of the day.  My fin was a bit small causing a big loss of speed when pinching upwind.  You then shoot off downwind but inevitably have to get upwind again to make it back to the start point.
I am a firm believer that you cannot be fast unless you are comfortable but don't get too comfortable.  A small fin can give great comfort at speed but may not actually be that fast.  Harry, one of the power sailors, was able to pass me quite easily on his Rocket with bigger fin and sail.
Anthony, our supplier went out as I came in.  He was on a Rocket 95/31SL7/6.0NCX and smoked.  Anyone looking for a high wind freeride setup that really cooks must have this combo on their short list.  We have found the NCX's to be more powerful than our Gaastra Cross sails of the same size.  If you are a bigger sailor or just looking for a sail to plane in lighter winds give the NCX a go.  Severne's Mojo must be a real powerhouse.

The booms supplied here are from Fiberspar and Aeron.  Two good brands.  I prefer the Fiberspar carbon booms for their lighter weight but the top Aerons look bomb proof.  Their new aluminium V Grip boom has to be one of the great breakthroughs in recent times.  This thing is as stiff as a carbon boom at one third of the price.  Bargain!  The guys who have bought these booms are all happy so far and the only negative thing I've heard is that the shape of the grip takes some getting used to.  This was only from one of the guys however and he has since told me that after a few sessions he is now fully at ease with the shape.

If you are fanatical about wringing every knot of speed from your equipment or getting that extra few degrees upwind/downwind you should have a look at replacing the head on your carbon boom with a strap-on boom head from Streamlined.  A nice product which I am told can really make a difference.    

Another development you may not have seen is the new Contact Boom from Tecno Limits.  I have not seen one in the flesh so cannot comment but it looks interesting.  

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