Monday, January 31, 2011

Yesterday's Sail

I started early in the day on my Falcon 104 and Koncept 6.6 with the new Select S11 37cm.  The fin feels very similar to my old SL7 but it is definitely more refined, better and smoother on all points of sail.  They have taken an excellent shape and made some very small enhancements. Impressive.

The wind built throughout the day and I changed down on the board (89l Falcon) and held on.  Andy was out on the Reflex2 7.8 and Gareth on his trusty Force 5.3.  This range of equipment being sailed at the same time demonstrates how good our modern windsurfing equipment has become.  I took the Reflex2 7.0 for a spin and must say I was right on the edge. I had not rigged the sail myself and the downhaul was not enough for me but despite this I was able to cope in winds which a year ago would have seen me out on a 6.0 or even a 5.0.  Because they were sailing together, we were able to compare the old Code Red sails with the new Reflexes as they hauled over rough water.  Interesting - the new sails seem to open up a lot more and somehow allow the rider to maintain board trim at speed over the bumps.
A few national slalom guys were also blasting around on full slalom kit.  These guys really are in another league - so fast and controlled in wild conditions.  The new Pryde race sails are unbelievably fast and impressive.

Holding the Reflex2 at such high speeds reminded me of the reasons we non-racers favor camless sails for wild blasting.  You are just so much more relaxed and the sailing is so much more enjoyable.  For me race sails and full slalom boards are essential for light to moderate conditions.  As soon as things get hairy ditch the cams and have some fun!

The body is complaining badly from all the recent sailing so chemicals have had to be used.  Cataflam with some medicinal Captain Morgan and Coke was the remedy of choice.  Not good for you of course (the Cataflam - not the Captains) but desperate times call for desperate measures.  

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