Monday, September 19, 2011

Comfort and Balance are Essential for Speed


This is a series of shots of Andy and me sailing from the far side of our normal run  into shore to gybe.  We both have slalom boards and similar sized sails (Vapor 7.6 and Ram7.8).  You will note that I pull ahead over the course of the run.  The reason for this is the fact that I am comfortable with my equipment.  Andy, usually much faster than me, is not comfortable.  His fin is too powerful causing him to stand on the board which throws his balance out slowing him down.  If you compare the two boards on the water you will note that his Manta tilts to leeward (fin too hard) while my board is completely level allowing me to hang out with the lightest pressure on the board.

Andy has sorted his fins out since these photos were taken.  He also acquired a Reflex2, 7.8m and is now extremely hard to keep up with.  As the wind picks up he simply goes faster and has become a master of balance.  Bad news for the rest of us.

Hopefully this illustrates the need to balance your sail/board/fin combination and to set your sail properly.  COMFORT = SPEED.   
Talk to you soon

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  1. Uncle Phil is being very kind in his comments. He sails circles around myself[Andy] in anything lighter than optimally powered conditions and if it is slightly lighter well most of us don't see his spray as he is a master of efficiency.
    I also need to say here that Phil has made significant contributions to my balance issues with inputs being made with regard to all fins and sails chosen in the last 3 years. Thanks Phil and hope to see you on the water later.