Monday, September 5, 2011

Some Random Musings

"I am playing windsurfing every day,slalom,RSX,formura etc..And i am teacin windsurfing shop of tears. i love windsurfing very much,and iwant to enjoy play windsurfing of every people."

The above text comes from the sailor profile page of Japanese racer, Fujiko Onishi.  The words don't mean much as they stand but they are quite cute and we can all understand the sentiment and enthusiasm behind them.  Look her up on  I can't place the Gaastra sail she is riding in her action shots.  Sara-Quita (behind her) is riding a recognizable Vapor but what is Fujiko's sail with that chevron at the top and red flashing on the foot? It looks like a Gaastra (I'm sure I see a Gaastra logo) but I suppose it could be a Gun sail- ??  

Chris Pressler took part in the Red Bull Prince of the Island race in Turkey and used his NCX Pro 8.0m with his iSonic 107 ( a perfect combination for light, early planing, high speed fun).  He came third, ahead of scores of guys with full race sails.  He recons he was smoking guys with 9.5m race sails.  He also comments on the fun he had and the ease of tacking and gybing with a camless sail.  This sort of result strengthens my belief that camless could be a really good option for many of us.  I just want light/fast/fun/easy and sails like the Severne NCX and Gaastra's Savage provide all of these things.

On the subject of the new Gaastra Savage, I note that they have limited the number of battens on the 2012 model to 7, regardless of size.  (The 2011 range increases the battens to 8 on all sizes above 7.2m).  Well done Peter Munzlinger!  You don't need more than 7 battens on a soft sail.  An 8 batten configuration just hardens everything up and detracts from the fun.  Leave 8 battens to the race guys.

I had a good sail today on my old BIC KP Replica Formula board with an equally old Nitro4, 9.8m.  An awesome combination which smoked over the flat water.

Talk to you soon                

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