Monday, October 3, 2011

2012 Severne NCX Pro

We have just had a really good weekend's sailing with strong wind and rough but manageable water.  Andy and I were able to test a brand new 6.5m NCX Pro right out of the plastic packaging.  The sail sets nicely on the 430 Enigma and we used a Fiberspar carbon boom to keep weight down as much as possible.  The wind was a bit light when we started so I took it out on my Falcon 104/37cm fin.  The sail is light in the hand and powers up quickly accelerating to a good speed.  I would class it as a powerful 6.5m.  It was totally controllable for me but I finished my runs before the wind really picked up.  Andy went out after me and had to release some downhaul to keep speed through the gybes but the wind soon picked up and had him hanging on a bit.  The NCX is a powerful sail and when overpowered needs careful tuning to maintain control.  All in all a really smooth, fast ride.  One really classy piece of equipment!

Severne have incorporated some of the Reflex technology into this sail by putting a reflex tensioner on the 3rd batten from the bottom.  A nice touch and one which will find favor with the technical guys.  For my own quiver I would not choose a 6.5m in this model.  My new thinking is that (for me) everything under 7.0m should be a soft 6 batten sail.  I would have NCX's in 7.0m and 8.0m.  My smaller sails would be Severne Gators or Gaastra Crosses.  Other sails in this class would be Hot Sails Maui - Liquid, Maui Sails - Switch, North - XType etc.  All these sails are really quick (especially if you rig them on slalom boards) but are so light and easy to control compared to their slalom cousins.  If you have never tried rigging one of these sails on a slalom board, I urge you to try it.  You may never go back!
Talk to you soon

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