Monday, October 10, 2011

Some Light Wind Boards

UltraSonic 147 Carbon
Starboard Ultrasonic148 
JP Super Lightwind

Manta FR 89.  

2011 Falcon 148 
                                                        Weight    Volume    Width      Length
TABOU MANTA F/R                          8.5          148          89            233
JP SUPERLIGHT                               7.         154          90            237
STARBOARD HYSONIC                    7.8           147          93           240
FALCON 148                                     7.9           148          85           230                                                                                                                       

I thought I would give you my selection of light wind boards on the market right now.  The Falcon is a 2011 model.  The 2012 Falcons only go up to 140 litres.  These boards are all great but my selection from this list would have to be the Starboard.  Not quite as light as the JP but pretty close.  This board has had stunning reviews for speed and the fact that it goes in almost no wind.  These boards aren't for everyone - the racing guys will opt for formula boards and the harder core people don't sail in light winds but for the rest of us they fill a really nice niche.  If you just want to cruise over flat water with the sun shining into the sea.  Sweet!  Find yourself a good Nitro4or5, 10m(ish) sail and experience something different.  

I favour a bit more length in this type of board so the Falcon may not be ideal.  The Tabou is a bit heavy and I think Tabou boards are so focused on handling rough conditions that they lose out on early planing (I may be wrong about this for this particular model but I don't think so).  The JP and Starboard models are, in my opinion exactly what you need for this type of board.  Well done guys - really intelligent.    

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