Monday, November 21, 2011

Severne Gators

I promised to upload Alice Arutkin's gybe video but this is proving impossible.  For some reason it just refuses to upload.  Pity.

Anyway I can report on Gareth's new Gators which have been sailed quite a few times now.  First we needed to do some juggling with his existing masts and we have ended up with a reasonable mast for each sail.  The best solution would have been to buy Severne Redline (or Wave) RDM's for each sail but you also need to be practical.  Anyway, we have Fiberspar RDMs in the 5.3m and the 6.0m Gators and they both perform beautifully.  The quality of these new Gators is fantastic.  They feel really solid and well constructed (hight tech scrim in every panel) but when you pick them up they are feather light.  They retain this lightness in the hand on the water and tick all the boxes (fast, easy, light, fun).  The sails are simple to tune and providing you get the downhaul right for the conditions, are really easy to sail in overpowered conditions.  They are at home on both slalom and freeride boards and the wave guys tell me that they are perfectly at home on the swells.  All of these qualities make the Gator an essential consideration for anyone looking for a sail that can do it all.  The Gaastra Cross may be slightly faster but is probably not as versatile.

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