Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tabou 3S LTD

The racing guys came up from Cape town on Sunday and raced in the strongest, wildest wind and water conditions we've seen for some time.  Most of the locals were content to watch, preferring not to break limbs and equipment.  Andy joined in but took a 96l 3S LTD.  He changed only the fin on the board but retained the single strap at the back and inward front strap positions.  All in all the most unlikely race board ever seen but despite this he managed to hang with the field.  Unbelievable!  He also nailed every gybe in the wild water planing easily out of each.  This has been a real eye opener to everyone and attests to what a phenomenal board the 3S is.  Here is a board designed for waves, tricks and easy blasting hanging with the big guys on a slalom strip!  Speed, comfort, fun and fantastic gybing.  What more could any sailor ask for.  Obviously you would not choose this board for normal racing but when the conditions get hectic or you want maximum fun this board has to be on your short list.  Well done Tabou.  Class all the way.

  2012 Tabou 3S   


  1. Uncle Phil has been too flattering of my sailing abilities in the post but not of the board,
    So just to set the record straight I never plained out of every jibe and I was not as fast as the leading three out racing at any time, but the board is absolutely great in every aspect. I have never sail a more all round board in over twenty years of sailing and I look forward to setting it up for real blasting in the next few weeks and then seeing what kind of speed can be achieved. If I was asked what board anyone should acquire if they could only have one board it would be an easy answer as this board does it all well. I am sure it wont be at home in Jaws or on a speed strip but anywhere between this board will deliver fun by the ton. That at the end of the day is what it is all about.

  2. Hi Phil,
    I love to read your gear reviews.
    I bought a used 2009 3S 96L board (with the duck tail) as my first FSW small board after exploring all kinds of conditions on Erie lake (Ontario) with my Rocket 125L. I also have an excellent older Mistral Energy 105L slalom board which I use for big winds (well up to 25-30 knots :-).
    I am aware of an upright stance on the small modern boards like 3S and use waist harness. Still I have a hard time making the 3S to pop up on a plane and get frequent spin-outs until it pops and flies. Especially hard to keep it up-wind - lots of spin-outs.
    Could you give some tips on how to deal with it, please? Could it be just a bad design (I don't see a duck tail anymore on Tabou's).
    I am trying to lift my back foot and keep all my weight on the mast foot - this way I can only go downwind, or it turns upwind with imminent spin-out.

    Best regards,

    1. did you ever find out an answer to this problem?

    2. Hi Andy
      Many years ago I had exactly the same problem with a small Naish board. What cured it for me was time on the water. The board is small and should not be used in lighter conditions but when the wind picks up and is stable pull the 96 out and you will eventually be flying. One thing you have to do is to pull the back of the board towards and under you with your back foot when setting off.
      You will need to consciously make the effort to do this in the beginning but as you gain familiarity it will become automatic.
      Hope this helps and sorry for missing your query.