Friday, January 27, 2012

New Select Fins

Here is some feedback on my sailing today where I sailed my new S12 43cm Slam XL fin with my Falcon 104 and Ram 7.8m.  I ordered the S12 based on the good experiences I enjoyed with the S10 43cm I had been trying.  When the S12 arrived I was a bit alarmed by the increased weight and thickness of the S12.  I am a thin foil man and heavy/thick fins don't excite me.  The wind was light when I hit the water and I have to say I was expecting the worst.  I set off in light wind, outgoing tide so quite a challenge to get planing but I must say the fin performed well.  With some careful sailing and a few gentle nudges against the fin I was planing in no time and I blasted gently at first and much faster as the wind picked up.  Both upwind and downwind performance are good and in overpowered conditions the fin retains its composure.  First impression - a workmanlike fin certainly good enough for the likes of me.

Below are some images of the new Select fins including the new V.Max Range (red decals).  I was not aware of this fin until after I received my new S12 but I would really be interested in testing one of these nice looking things.  They are semi custom, carbon faced units with a thin profile (yes!) finished by hand.  No details available regarding sizing or stiffness and rake options.   The curved leading edge of these fins is an element used by some of the top fin designers such as Z Fins and Ifju and the shape seems to work for hard core slalom.  Nice move Select but try to keep us better informed of new models.  I had to employ some seriously sneaky investigation techniques to obtain the V.Max images.    
Cheers and good winds


Z-Slalom finsZ Fins slalom range.

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  1. Hi Phill

    i hope you found the pictures from my website usefull, i would be happy to contribute to your blog if you wish, you may be aware of us, we have the largest windsurfing and kitesurf fins specialist, sending fins all over the world. good feeback on the S12, we have the Vmax now in stock....

    Kind Regards