Thursday, January 19, 2012

PWA Visitors

I promised to report back on how some of the big guys performed in our local racing on Sunday but none of them turned up.  I think they went wave sailing in stead.  What brought them to this part of the world was the Langebaan Downwind Dash which is held every year and took place on Saturday.  Alberto Menegatti won the race followed by Arnon Dagan and Andrea Rosati in third.  All on Gaastra Vapors (awesome sails as I have said before).  I was hoping to see these guys (and Ross Williams) at our racing so that I could report on things such as sail size selection, mast foot positions, fins being used etc (the most boring details if you are not a windsurfer but important for us).

Lancelin Ocean Classic

Peter Volwater won the Ledge to Lancelin race in Australia (also held over the weekend), showing what the new Avanti sails are capable of.  This race attracts some of the real heavy hitters (Bjorn came 9th) so to win it is a fantastic achievement.  What makes this win even more impressive is the fact that Peter had a really bad start but ended up winning by the biggest time margin in the history of the event.  Look how far ahead he is of the number 2 sailor in this picture.  Scary!


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