Saturday, April 21, 2012

PWA Tour - First Event

The PWA tour has kicked off in Reggio in Calabria, Italy.  This is the first time that the small town has staged the event and there is much excitement.  They have kicked off with celebrations, dedicated a website for the occasion and have even issued a commemorative postage stamp to honor the event.  The crowds have arrived and an army of windsurfing's best are poised with mountains of kit.

The problem is that the wind has not arrived.  The same wind that blows every year at this time without fail has simply switched off.  This will not surprise any seasoned windsurfer of course.  We've all seen it before - a well planned event squashed by the fickle wind.

There were no heats yesterday and nothing so far today but I am told that the forecast for the rest of the day looks a bit better.  We can only hope because this year promises to be a really fascinating tour and one really hopes for a good first race.  I can't wait and will report back on the various heats should they occur.

Our wind here in Langebaan seems to be in sympathy with the conditions in Reggio.  It is following exactly the same pattern so I can't even go out for a sail.

Talk to you soon  


  1. Hi Phil...

    Great to have wind and a water state as we had today and we got to use it. This is heaven for windsurfers.

    1. I agree and a bonus for us at this time of the year. Nice gybing round the mark by the way. The rest of us looked sad in comparison. Some serious practice needed. See you on the water