Friday, August 31, 2012

PWA Alacati


The Alacati event is well underway with the usual suspects at the front of the field.  The first three places in each of the winners finals so far are as follows:

Race 1                  Vd Steen

Race 2                  Albeau

Race 3                  Albeau
                             Vd Steen

Race 4                 Volwater
                            Vd Steen

Race 5                 Albeau
                            Vd Steen

Race 6                 Albeau

Points to note are Peter Volwater's great run in the 4th race and the fact that Ross Williams is making his presence felt.  Also, Taty Frans is causing some alarm.  Watch this guy if he decides to stay with slalom.   Bear in mind that the above heats are the culmination of all of the eliminating heats and just to get into them is the mark of a slalom master.
If you click on "Elimination 4 Mens Final" on the PWA TV section of the PWA site you can see the Volwater bullet on video.  Nice race and those of you keen on the Manta 71, watch Ross hold his own against the world's best (he is on the 71 and 7.9m Vapor.  Peter is on his Falcon 113 and Avanti 7.7m)  Ross comes in third after being pipped at the very end by Ben.

The standard of sailing at Alacati is off the chart.

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