Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Windsurfing Speed Record

Hi from a cold, black, wet and stormy Langebaan.  We have enjoyed some fantastic weather lately - clear sun filled days made all the better by the fact that the flowers are out but the last couple of days have been really bleak.  I suppose that this is a small price to pay for all the cloudless, windy days we get between October and March.

Joos told me about Jurjen van der Noord's new speed record adding that Jurjen had used a Severne NCX in his record breaking run.  Just a tip for those of you interested in speed sailing, you can very quickly get all the info you need regarding any of the top speed guys on www.gps-speedsurfing.com.  This site gives you each sailor's registered times and also his boards, sails and fins so you can verify details very quickly and easily.  Jurjen's quiver comprises four Reflex3s and one NCX (6.5m).   Severne's site provides details of the record breaking run accompanied by photo's of Jurjen with his NCX.  I noted from the speedsailing site that Jurjen's boards are all Starboards so I went to the Starboard site where I found a better interview about this particular session.  In this interview it is revealed that the sail used to break the record was in fact Jurjen's Reflex3, 5.6m (on an iSonic speed W44).

Note the distortion on the sail - massive pressures in 50k of wind!

So no record for the camless brigade but it is still significant that one of the top guys includes a camless sail in his quiver.  If this NCX 6.5m is fast enough for Jurjen, believe me it is more than fast enough for you.

As I mentioned briefly in the last post, Gaastra's 2013 wave sails are out as is their new Cross.  A striking sail and I note that they are now recommending their Gold rdm mast for it.  Up to now they have always specified their Silver mast.  The Gold rdm is absolutely the right mast for these sails.  Nice job Gaastra and Peter.
  2013 Gaastra Cross
Look at the colors on this Cross.  Stunning!

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