Saturday, February 2, 2013

Some Moves Within the Slalom Community

Here are a few of the recent moves which may be of interest.

Arnon Dagan has left Gaastra/Tabou to join Pryde and RRD.  Probably a good move for him since he has been in the same position for quite a few years.

As I predicted in a previous post, Alberto Menegatti has indeed left Gaastra for Point 7.  I rate Alberto as a really fine slalom racer so I wish him the best in his new company.

I was discussing Daniel Aeberli in a previous post and the new F2 board he was working on.  Imagine my surprise on learning that he has just joined Fanatic.  Peter Munzlinger tells me that Daniel will not be designing for Fanatic but will be employed in another capacity.  I understand the difficulties which would occur if you tried to get both Sebastian and Daniel designing boards so it makes sense for Daniel to be doing something else but what happens to his design talents?  Watch this space.

So Gaastra has lost Arnon and Alberto but they have gained one Ben van der Steen.  This is a really significant move and I think that it is going to benefit both parties.  Ben is an awesome sailor and a real powerhouse - I believe that Gaastra finally has a sail line which can match the best in the industry so this marriage is something which we need to watch carefully.  With Ross and Ben, both young and extremely talented, Gaastra has the foundation of a really successful slalom team.  Hopefully they get one or two additional hot slalom sailors before the season starts.  Interesting times!

Talk to you soon


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