Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Select Edge Fin


I wrote a while ago about my concerns regarding the discontinuation of Select's excellent SRX Freeslam fin. We have re-discovered this fin and some of the locals have been reaching unheard of speeds in rough water with these blades.  Get the correct size for your board/sail/sailor combination and you will surprise yourself with the performance you can achieve over rough water.

I was concerned that Select, in creating the new Edge, was fiddling with something which was perfect for its specific application.  Well, Anthony has brought a selection of Edges in and several of us have tried them.  They are fantastic!  I thought that they would not be able to better the SRX but they have managed it.  Every single person who has tried an Edge is absolutely stoked with the performance and most of them immediately purchased the Edge they were trying.

I always wait for Andy and/or Harry to give a positive endorsement before I burst into print.  Well Andy is totally stoked with the Edge 33 in his 3S 96, and the Edge 39 in his new Rocket 115.  Select tell us that they have slightly softened the tip of the Edge compared with the SRX and what a success!  Well done guys - most impressive.

Andy posted his impressions of the Edge in the comments section of a recent post.  Look them up if you are interested in getting this fin.

I hope to talk a bit about the new Mantas in an upcoming post.  Eric Kaminga has given some feedback which I want to post and we are also getting some of the new 71/116 models.  I hope to ride one of these and give feedback.

Stay sheeted in  

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