Friday, March 29, 2013

Early Morning Slalom Run

I have inserted these 2 video clips but fear that they are not playable on the blog.  I will work on the problem and see if I can get them playing.  Sorry for this.


Today gave us strong winds and unsettled water.  Andy and I both made an early start to get some slalom sailing in before the conditions became too wild.

The Andy was on his Manta 116 and I was on my Falcon 113.  He rigged his Vandal Addict 6.5 and I had my Vandal Stitch 7.0.  On paper I should have been able to get planing before Andy but it was no contest.  He pops onto the plane so quickly and easily leaving me pumping and using unsuitable language.

The top vid clip shows some of a long blast from the foot of the mountain in to the beach.  I do OK but have to say that Andy had to wait for me to get planing on the far side before putting the hammer down.  The second vid shows a run from the buildings and this time no waiting by Andy.  No contest as the clip shows.  If you want to win races and you are a fast sailor I simply can't think of a better board than the Manta 116.

This is a shot of our last run.  Not good for me but on this combination Andy is virtually untouchable.

That's me holding my ass after an unpleasant kicking.

Talk to you soon


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  1. Hi All

    The whole truth about this session has not been told by Phil. He was faster than I was through the lulls as he should have been. I have some work to do in that regard which will involve refining the trim on the 116 further. On the whole though this session demonstrated that great equipment can compensate to some extent for a sailors weight and skill levels. What this session also showed beyond a shadow of a doubt is exactly what Phil said:If you want to win races the Manta 116 is the board you need.

    Catch You On The Water