Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Some Recent Thoughts About The Ideal Quiver


I have had the opportunity to sail quite a few new boards recently and I have consequently changed my views slightly on the ultimate board quiver.  I have decided to look at the subject in a slightly different way to the previous approach.

Here we go -

If I was put in a position where I could have only one windsurfing board I would choose a Tabou Rocket Ltd 115.

If I could choose only two boards I would choose Tabou's Manta 116/71 and a 3S Ltd 96.

If I could choose 3 boards my choice would be Tabou Manta 135/85, Manta 116/71 and 3S 96.

Add one more board and depending where I was sailing I would add either a big freeride board like a 3S 116 or, if I wanted to sail often in stronger winds, board number four would be a 3S 75.

The above selections probably give the best bang for your buck assuming that your local winds are not too light.  If your average wind is very light you could consider throwing in a formula board with one or two big sails.

I have confined my selection to Tabou boards but people like Starboard, RRD and Patrik all have excellent equivalents which would do equally well.

The sail selection for the above board combinations would come from the following sails:

          8.5 Gaastra Phantom
          7.8 Gaastra Phantom or Savage
          7.0 Severne NCX
          6.4 Gaastra Cross or Severne NCX 6.5 or Severne Gator 6.5
          6.0 or 5.6 Gaastra Cross/ Severne 6.0 or 5.7 Gator
          4.7 Severne Blade

As with the boards I have confined the list to sails I know and have no problem recommending.  Guys like North, Ezzy and Avanti will all have great equivalents.  The only problem I have with Avanti is that their sail sizes don't seem to fit comfortably into my optimal range.  I need to come down from a 6.0 to a 4.7 (not a 5.0 or a 4.5.  Their Viper wave sail doesn't come in 4.7 - pity!  Likewise their Poweride comes in 5.8, 6.6, 7.4 etc.  I suppose the 5.8 Poweride would fit into my scheme in place of the Cross 6.0 but none of the other sizes work.    

I rode the new Manta 81 recently but the wind was very light so I can't give you a proper report.  I hope to get another ride soon and if I do I will give some feedback.  Andy and I have a slight difference of opinion regarding this Manta in one's quiver and I hope to cover this discussion if I get a chance to post the aforementioned feedback.

Good winds


  1. Hi Phil,
    your personal weight would be of major interest to be able to scale up/down your quiver to other sailors. Apart from that I have two questions.
    The first one is regarding the 3S 76. Did you notice it is US-Box and a shape from 2009? I think it could have very different properties to the newer shapes and as far as I know you won't be able to find a fast fin for US-Box.
    My second question is about your selection of sail sizes in the 5.x to 6.x area. As far as i know you sail a 6.4 and a 5.6 at the moment but would possibly opt for a 6.4 and a 6.0 now. My question is: why? Are 6.4 and 5.6 spread to wide for your needs? I think you wrote that Andy is using a 6.0 and 5.2, which is totally different to your selection. Is he that much lighter or what is the reason?

    Kind regards from freezing Germany

    1. See my recent post for the response to this comment.

  2. Hi Phil

    First of all many thanks for writing this blog! I'm a regular visitor and I always find it useful and profound.

    Please allow me to ask a question regarding my quiver. I'm pretty light at 65kg and currently own a 90l (58cm wide) F2 Eliminator and a 2006 Tabou Rocket 115. I mostly sail on lakes with generally low to medium winds. Since i gave up the quest for the earliest possible planning my biggest sail is a 7.5. While the Rocket 115 is a great board I have the impression that it's too big (in terms of volume) for my weight. I wouldn't want to miss it's early planning qualities but as soon as the wind picks up, I switch to the smaller board. Now my question: Would it make sense to replace it with a Tabou Speedster 65 (or last season's Manta FR 65) which is 15l less in volume but pretty much the same width? How much do I lose in terms of early planning? Do you think there would be too much overlap with the smaller board?

    Best regards from Switzerland

    1. Hi Jörg

      Your plan is an excellent one. Because you are so light the Speedster 65 will serve as an excellent light to medium wind board. You say that you feel that the Rocket 115 is too big and I understand this. Please try to acquire the Ltd edition Speedster and you will find it a whole lot nippier and more agile than the Rocket 115. The Speedster will easily hold your 7.5m sail and if your next sail down is around 6.5m this board will smoke when the wind picks up. The gap between the Eliminator and the Speedster is absolutely OK. No problem at all.

      As you go forward you could consider adding a smaller board to your quiver. Something like a small freewave to have some fun in the really strong winds but you will be able to assess this based on the type of wind you get on the lakes.


  3. Hi Phil, many thanks for answering my question! Kind regards, Jörg

    1. No problem Jörg.

      Please let me know what you have bought if you go ahead and get a new board. We will need to talk about fins when you have done the deal.

      All the best