Thursday, August 29, 2013

Some New Board News

There is not too much on the Net about 2014 boards (other than wave stuff) but here is some of the news I managed to find.

The draft page for the new Mantas.  I assume that all the sizes with TBA's have been re-engineered and this covers my three favorite sizes - 61, 71 and 85.  The current boards are all fantastic so I hope that they have not fiddled unnecessarily.    

The new 3S's are on the site.  The graphics and colors are great as usual.  I like the cartoon hand reaching back (don't understand it but it adds a certain character to the tableau)
They state in the blurb that the 96 and 106 models are now more wave orientated - BAD.  They then go on to say that the new shape and tails give better top speed - GOOD.  I'm confused but really interested to ride these two sizes and form an opinion.

Starboard have their complete new range on site and as usual, the freerace and slalom stuff is interesting.
Here is some detail of the new iSonic's underside.  Some serious hydrodynamic engineering right there.
They have also come up with a new construction for their performance boards which sounds promising. Usually when a board company announces a new construction, I find that the boards are suddenly heavier and I always suspect that the "new" materials are actually cheaper, heavier and inferior to the old ones but this seems to be the real thing.  The weights have actually decreased for 2014.  The 2014 iSonic 110 has had it's width increased slightly to 75.5cm.  Regular readers will know that I am a huge fan of this board but I wonder if they are not going too wide.

Tillo have announced their new range of slalom boards.  I am not familiar with this brand and have no idea about weights but what I like is the sizing.  The widths are 64, 74 and 84.  For me, a perfect spread for a slalom quiver.  I would personally exclude the 64 size, replacing it with a Tabou 3S 96 because I'm not a serious racer and like to have fun (as opposed to terror)  in stronger wind.

That's all for now
Talk to you soon


  1. Hi Phil,
    seems like you didn't find this one: It's all the new Tabou/Gaastra catalogues.
    Additionally I want to mention that Simmer has nearly the whole new line-up including Freerace stuff online.

    All the best for your new season!

  2. Thanks Nils
    The Tabou Manta page in this catalogue is the same as the one I have posted (scant details for the new boards). I'll have a look at the Simmer stuff and post details about whatever looks interesting
    All the best