Friday, August 30, 2013

Some Reader Feedback on Previous Post


Nils informs me that brochures for both the new Gaastra sails and Tabou boards are to be found on  This is quite correct and I've had a look.  I am battling to copy photos from this site so please visit it if you want.  The Tabou Manta page on the ISSUU is exactly the same as the one I posted (scant spec detail on the new stuff) but the Gaastra brochure is quite good.

First shock - the new Phantom now has only two cambers!  I am always in favor of simplifying and paring down as you know but this is quite extreme.  The Phantom is a pure slalom machine and I'm not sure that the serious guys are going to be that excited about this development.  It is all about performance at the end of the day of course, so I look forward to getting my hands on one of these new machines.  Brave man Peter! (go to pages 63/64).  The Gaastra Vapor is on page 70 and looks great.  It boasts 4 cambers so good for serious racing, not good for me.

All in all, Gaastra have a fine brochure here, full of really tasty gear which also looks stunning.  This version of the brochure is still incomplete but it gives a good impression of all the new stuff.  As I've said before, Peter Munzlinger has really brought this brand to the forefront and continues to impress with his innovation in design and new materials.

Nils also mentions that Simmer has their full 2014 range up on site.  This is mostly true but the boards which interest me (Monster and Godzilla) seem little changed - if at all, from 2013.  The sails of interest are their VMax, 6 batten, performance camless model, the SCS slalom racer and the pure race SCR.  The VMax is properly described but the two cammed models are still greyed out so we'll have to wait a bit longer for them.  If you are a Simmer fan and you are looking for an excellent freerace sail which is easy and fast, give the VMax some consideration.  I do not know the modern Simmers but my experience with previous models taught me that Simmer makes fantastic stuff.

Go well guys and I will try to talk to you soon                


  1. Which parts of the catalog do you want screen shots of? I took a few off of them using print screen and can send you them!


    1. Hi Kevin
      Thanks for this. I replied directly to you by e-mail but I'm not sure the message got through. If you can, could you send a picture of the entire Gaastra 2014 sail lineup and also the page/pages relating to the new Phantom.
      If you want, please e-mail me directly so that I get your address. I sent you a message previously and you probably did not get that either. I will re-send

  2. Hey Phil,

    Doesn't look like the email went thru. I'll start grabbing the pictures after I'm done with my waffles!


  3. Do you just want me to grab the pictures or the whole page for each sail?

  4. Hi Kevin
    Just the single picture which lines all the sails up (Overview I think). I seem to remember that this goes over 2 pages. Then just the picture of the Phantom and the specs. Thanks Kevin