Friday, April 4, 2014

"Rocket" Advert


This is a very short post.

Kevin Do drew my attention to a page on Starboard's site which refers to two tests on two of their models - Futura and Carve.  The wording on the picture refers to the Futura being a "real rocket" and this is simply a quote from the test result.  The way they have structured the illustration though, is definitely a dig at Tabou's Rocket and one can easily understand the thing to mean "The Real Rocket".

Very subversive, very clever and good for a chuckle.  Nice one Starboard!

Our season seems to be officially ending today.  Windguru shows no more sailable wind for the forseeable future.  Very bad

The next post will either be a piece on gybing or some commentary about the 7.8m sail dilemma for the normal sailor and how Joos has addressed this when choosing a replacement for his Severne Reflex.

Good winds

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