Monday, April 14, 2014

The 7.8m Sail Question and Some Reader Feedback

Sorry for the long break.  A while ago Joos asked me for some suggestions about what to replace his 7.8m Severne Reflex with.  My current view is that for most of us, pure race sails are the wrong thing.  Depending on your brand loyalties, availability in your country, what your favorite supplier stocks etc - here are the models I would choose from:

  • Ezzy Lion 7.5  
  • North S-Type 7.8
  • Hot Sails Maui GP2 8.0
  • Maui Sails Titan GSX 7.5
  • Severne Turbo 7.5
  • Severne Overdrive 7.8
  • Avanti Condor 8.2
  • Ka Koncept 7.5
Since Joos is a Severne man through and through, my suggestion to him was the Turbo or the Overdrive.  Joos is not overly concerned with being the fastest guy on the water so he has opted for the Turbo 7.5.  A fine choice which will provide the low end power he needs on light days but also give a fairly wide window for when the wind picks up.  All of this comes in a super light package which should be light in the hands and easy on the body!  Personally I would have opted for the Overdrive for its extra performance.  I have always been against the Overdrive for being too racy but the latest pictures and the video of Sean blasting so easily along has changed my mind.  Severne has also made the sail compatible with both SDM and RDM masts showing that they understand the need most of us have for a softer performance sail.

I'm not too keen on the overhanging batten at the boom on both of these sails.  I'm also not keen on the fancy batten tensioners on the Overdrive but these things would not stop me buying either of these machines.  I await Joos's new sails (he has also ordered a Turbo 6.5) and will report back if I can scrounge a ride.

Reader Feedback

Kevin Do tells me that he rode one of the new Hot Sails Maui GPX sails and he recons that this thing smokes.  Kevin is a Ka Koncept rider so he knows what a fast sail is.  I have to say that when the GPX was announced it just looked right to me - simple, light and beautifully made.  I'm not sure how it would stand up against the Crosses in high wind but I think that it would do just fine.

Davide Verotta, a sailor from San Francisco commenting on the post regarding safety, says that a few of the San Francisco locals sail with VHF radios.  This is a really good idea because it enables you to communicate immediately with your mates and let everyone know what the problem is.  They can then organize among themselves what is to be done, who will do what etc.  Everyone is immediately and constantly in the loop and the situation can be resolved quickly.  The new water resistant radios are small and powerful.  What a great precaution!

On the new equipment front, I note that the new GA (Gaastra) masts are about to break cover.  The 100% carbon masts are dark blue now.  Look out for them soon.  We need to know whether the bend characteristics have changed.

OK - talk to you soon.  The wind outside looks quite good for this time of year so I am off for a sail. 


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