Friday, May 2, 2014

Equipment News

A while ago I mentioned CST Composites, an Australian company who had been contracted to manufacture masts for Avanti.  CST produces carbon fibre components and its customers include the military, aerospace and automotive industries.  They are an extremely high tech outfit.

Of interest to us is the fact that recently, they have started producing their own brand of high tech windsurfing masts and marketing them through a company called Slake (Pty) Ltd.  They have replicated the bend characteristics of most of the main sail brands and have come up with replica masts for any of these sails.  I have huge respect for any concern supplying into any of the the above industries because of the fierce quality standards and tolerances demanded.  Their masts will be something special.  Look them up.  With any luck they will start producing other bits and pieces as well as masts (booms, fins, extensions ??)

Just thinking about it - Australia produces some really great windsurfing equipment -  Severne and Ka sails, Carpenter and Chris Lockwood fins, Slake masts, OES boards etc.  I am envious!

I was reading something about Ross Williams the other day and noted that he is now using Elk fins. These look interesting. Their slalom blades are elliptical so something to consider if you are in to do-or-die blasting over rough water.
Elk Slalom fin

Elk Plus Limited, the manufacturer, is another really high tech manufacturer.  More and more of the top guys it seems, are recognizing the value of using serious manufacturers whose quality standards and systems can deliver impeccable products consistently.

Maui Ultra Fins are finally offering their carbon slalom fins for sale.  These look really cool and I would like to try one.  I have a good feeling about these blades - they just look right and like the above products are produced by a quality driven, high tech company (this time in Germany).  Nice!

MU Slalom Race fin in carbon

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