Wednesday, May 28, 2014

PWA - First Race of the Season

The racing on the Costa Brava has finally begun and they have managed two days of good racing.  It has only been possible to start around 15:00 hours each day but they get through the heats pretty smartly.  Here are the guys who made it through to the final heat and their positions:

  1. Menegatti             (Point 7/Starboard) 
  2. Moussilmani C     (Severne/Starboard)
  3. Buzianis              (Maui/JP)
  4. Frans                  (Maui/Starboard)
  5. Albeau                (Pryde/RRD)
  6. Quentel               (Pryde/RRD)
  7. Vonk                  (Point 7/Starboard)
  8. Moussilmani S     (Simmer/Starboard)

Alberto shows that he is deadly serious about building on his success of last season.

Note how much downhaul he has on the Point 7.  Nice!

Cyril and Micah show that they still have what it takes and that their equipment is working.

The Severne/Starboard combo working beautifully for Cyril.  I think that is Ben in second place.

Is it just me or is Micah looking particularly lumberjack-like these days (?)

Taty Frans is a huge threat as I mentioned last season.  The freestyle guys have such outrageous skill that if one of the top guys decides to get serious about racing - watch out!
Taty has rigged his sail like a typical freestyler - not much downhaul resulting in a sail with instant and constant power which he has the skill to handle and manipulate.  Compare this set with Micah above.  Micah has a much bigger sail but pulled right down.

Jordy Vonk is a Dutch sailor and the youngest competitor at 20 years of age.  He is hanging with the best so will definitely become a force to be reckoned with. Watch this space!
Jordy rocking his Starboard/Point7 combo

Disappointments for me include Basti Kordel going over early in heat 10 disqualifying himself for the rest of the elimination round.  He had been doing fantastically well against some real heavyweights but ended up on the beach.  Ross Williams went over early on a heat but managed to avoid disqualification by tacking back round the start bouy. The problem was that by the time he got going, the race had started and the others were already at the first bouy.  Both Gonzalo and Arnon jumped the gun in heat 9 and were disqualified.  Peter Volwater only came fifth in heat 7 so was unable to advance.
I am always disappointed when seasoned racers mess their start up and are disqualified.  There is really no excuse since this aspect of the sport is every bit as important as being able to sail fast. Neither Antoine nor Alberto are ever caught like this because they have made sure that they train for and get it right.  That is how they maintain consistency and keep out front!  It is such a waste for a sailor to get himself disqualified early on and shows a lack of professionalism.  I can forgive Basti but not the likes of Arnon and Gonzalo (old,old soldiers!).

Basti Kordel is a guy I am watching with interest.  He has a great record under his belt and is one fine sailor despite being only 23 years of age.  He has always sailed Lorch boards but this season, fell out with them.  I notice that he is on Starboards for this regatta but says that he will be evaluating a few brands through the season.  I am hoping that he joins Tabou since his sail sponsor is GA but we'll see.

Talk to you soon


  1. I believe you mean freestyle guys??

    Was very impressed with Menagatti's performance! Not going to lie, I like a few guys thought he was just "lucky" last year but he proved me wrong!

    1. Thanks Kevin. I have amended the wording. I agree with you about Alberto being a worthy winner. He trained here in 2012 and is absolutely driven in his approach. A really committed athlete.