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I probably do too little on formula windsurfing so here is some commentary on the above competition. The best formula guys in the world gathered in Praia de Vitoria, on Terceira Island in the Portugese Azores to battle it out in the final meeting for the world championship.

Gonzalo won followed by Janis Preiss and Sebastian Kornum from Denmark.
Gonzalo the man
Janis on awesome equipment
Steve Allen leading Arnon home
The slightly strange Elk Formula fin

Gonzalo and Janis both ride Elk fins.  Quite a co-incidence that I mentioned these blades in the previous post.  Looking at pictures of the event I notice that Gonzalo was on sails from Loft and GA. Seeing that he has recently joined Point 7 as a team member this is slightly puzzling but I think that they have not yet finalized their racing sails.  I suppose that Gonzalo will be having some input into the design and development of these foils.  

Janis rides GA,GA (Vapor3 board) and Elk fins.  Sebastian is on Pryde and Starboard (fins unknown). Basti Kordel was fifth on GA and Starboard while Ross Williams came in sixth on the same equipment as Janis.  A really good showing then, for GA sails, Starboard formula boards (168l) and Elk fins.  Basti was rocking the very high tech masts from Slake.  Nice!    
Ross pointing.  I note with relief that the big GA's are quite flat

That is all for now.  Talk to you soon

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