Friday, April 10, 2015

2015 Select Rhino and HiWind Fins - Some Commentary


I trust that you have had a look at the Select brochure from the link provided in the previous post. Right now the Select website does not contain the new brochure, preferring to provide a challenge for anyone interested in their new fins. (??).

Looking at the new Rhino alongside the HiWind - I have to say that the shape of these fins looks very similar.  Is the HiWind simply a G10 Rhino?  When Kevin Do suggested that the HiWind may actually be the new Rhino I dismissed the idea but he may have been closer than I gave him credit for. The tips are slightly different but all in all a pretty similar shape.  I'm sure that the bend/flex characteristics will differ though.

I have had a look at pricing on the new Rhino and note that it is being sold at between $350 and $400 depending on length.  This puts it alongside some pretty serious competitors and I have to wonder if it is going to sell.

For the same money you can buy an iFins Nano and will have had the opportunity of seeing Ben vd Steen blasting past the fastest slalom guys on the planet with one of those screwed to his Manta.  You will have seen Ross Williams destroying the formula racing fleet on his Elk fins.  You could have watched Steve Allen winning the Lancelin long distance race against the best on a Carpenter fin. Pieter Bijl has been devastating on his Vector fins of late.  My point is that all of the aforementioned fins have proven themselves to be capable of winning against the best slalom windsurfers around.  We have yet to see anyone winning anything on a Select Rhino but are being asked to fork out one large pile of cash to buy one.

This is not to say that there is anything wrong with the fin.  I predict that it is going to be something special but with no track record I have to think that the initial price could have been set a bit lower.

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